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Retaining Walls/Block Fences:

Choosing the right tieback anchor is essential when you’re installing or reinforcing a retaining wall. Concrete anchors are popular choices, but installing them can be expensive, labor intensive and time consuming. You want retaining wall tieback anchors that are both affordable and easy to install, Mammoth Helical piles are a smart choice. Mammoth only installs Piertech Patented Helicals that are superior in quality and strength than any other helical on the market.

A Mammoth Helical Pile doesn’t require concrete grouting and is self-testing, so there’s no need for tensioning after installation. Unlike other tieback systems that utilize a horizontal wire or rod, that must then be attached to another structure for stability, such as a drilled in ‘deadman’ for resistance, our Helicals are screwed into place.

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fence wall
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Their capacity is proportional to the torque required during installation. This relationship is in accordance with the equation Qt = kT where Qt is the total tensile resistance, k is an empirical constant and T is the installation torque. These anchors are installed either for small loads in short sections or for larger loads and in long continuous lengths.
Fixed point anchorage can be the most economical and versatile fall hazard coverage. Tieback anchors come in a variety of designs to cover almost any application. Wall mount and roof mount anchors can be used vertically or horizontally. Flush mount anchors can be used to hide the anchors profile in high traffic areas.

Mammoth Helical works on new construction as well as retro-fit projects to ensure buildings are up to code. Mammoth is ready to start work on your new construction, retro-fit project immediately, we stock many different Helical designs for all varieties of applications and job sizes.

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Mammoth provides remedial screw pile anchoring solutions for new walls, or where slips or subsidence are affecting embankments or retaining walls.
The advantage of Helical Pier anchoring systems is that they can be installed through existing retaining walls in tightly constrained sites. The nature of screw pile installation means embankment soils are relatively undisturbed, which is important for safety. Once installed, the piles can be loaded up immediately, there’s no waiting for grout to cure.
Projects are often completed in live traffic environments, such as work on urban road or highway embankments. Installing screw pile anchors typically requires less plant and equipment, which is ideal when traffic is nearby.
In addition to retaining wall remediation works, screw pile anchors are also an ideal solution for new wall and embankment construction.